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How much does a paint job cost?

Paint jobs typically range from $500 – $7,500, depending on the extent of the vehicle’s damage. For example, small scratches may just need a quick touch up, but a bumper replacement will need a full coat.

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Will you be able to match my vehicle’s color?

Our full-service paint shops use precise manufacturer color matching to make damaged vehicles look brand new again.

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Will I get a temporary vehicle to use during my collision repair?

Rental vehicles are available to all our customers through Enterprise. The daily rental fees will depend on your location and the type of vehicle you rent, but daily costs can range anywhere from $35–$150. Your insurance company will have details about rental policies.

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Does collision repair come with free towing?

We offer towing services to all Key Collision customers.

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Does collision repair include repainting services?

Yes! We paint and match the damaged parts to the existing vehicle color once all structural and mechanical repairs are complete.

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How long does a collision repair take?

When your vehicle enters our facility, we use a structured approach to evaluate the damage on a part-by-part basis, which takes between 1 to 3 hours. Most repairs are then completed within 10 days, but this will depend on the extent of the damage.

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