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How long do you have to report a car accident to your insurance provider?

That depends on your insurance provider. You can contact them to ask about time limits when reporting a car insurance claim.

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Should I file an insurance claim for bumper damage?

That depends on a few factors. For many minor bumper damage repairs, the costs may be less than your insurance deductible. It’s also important to consider who was at fault for the collision. If you were at fault for the accident, you will need to check your insurance coverage to weigh your options. Collision coverage will pay for damage to your vehicle and the other party’s vehicle.

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Why does your damage analysis differ from my insurance company’s estimate?

We use a structured approach to evaluate the damage to your vehicle on a part-by-part basis. We submit this plan to your insurance company. It’s possible that your insurance company rejects an estimate, or that an estimate from an auto body shop (like us) differs from your insurance company’s estimate.

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Is my insurance going to cover this?

That depends on what type of insurance you have. Collision insurance covers damage to your vehicle, regardless of who was at fault. Liability insurance covers damage to the other driver’s vehicle. Comprehensive insurance covers damage from non-collision related incidents such as vandalism, theft, natural disasters and weather conditions.

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