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How Much Does it Cost to Fix Curb Rash?

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Curb rash on an aluminum alloy wheel

We’ve all been there — maneuvering to get the car parallel parked when you hear that dreaded scraping sound. That can only mean one thing — curb rash. This all-too-familiar and common type of vehicle damage can happen to even the most careful drivers. And while these scrapes and scuffs are usually minor, they are an eyesore for car owners and can prove costly for leaseholders.

There is good news — most instances of curb rash can be fixed quickly, at a low cost, and have cars looking as good as new. Here is a quick guide to getting your vehicle’s curb rash repaired and the price tag you can expect for your wheel type.

What is Curb Rash?

In the auto industry, curb rash is a term used to describe any damage to a vehicle’s wheels or hubcaps caused by rubbing against the curb. In less common situations, curb rash can be caused by hitting potholes or other obstructions in the road.

Types of Curb Rash Damage

Curb rash comes in many different forms, but the most common and most frequently repaired types are:

  • Scratches
  • Scuffs
  • Bends
  • Dents
  • Gouges
  • Cracks

Curb Rash Repair Cost

Many wonder how much it costs to fix curb rash, but unfortunately, there is no one answer. The final price will be determined by labor costs, materials, the type of damage, and most importantly, the material being repaired. To give you a rough idea, here is an average breakdown of curb rash repair costs by wheel material.

  • Steel: For minor damage, the cost is $50 on average. You can expect to pay $150+ or potential replacement costs for more extensive damage.
  • Chrome: Scratch and scuff repair will be approximately $200 – $500, but more serious damage like a crack requires full replacement.
  • Aluminum: Scratch and scuff repair will be approximately $200 – $500, but anything beyond a scratch or scuff will typically require a new replacement wheel.
  • Plastic Clad: Plastic wheels are nearly impossible to repair and require new rims, but replacement is relatively inexpensive.

When Should Repair Your Wheel vs. Replace Your Wheel?

For most car owners, choosing between replacing your wheel or just repairing your wheel after curb rash comes down to cost. The good news is that many simple wheel repairs are inexpensive, but it’s always wise to weigh your options.

Insurance vs. Out-of-Pocket Costs
The first step is to get an estimate at a reliable and certified auto body repair shop. Their technicians can give you an accurate estimate of your total cost, which you can then use to decide whether or not you want to go through your insurance company. If the cost is reasonable, paying out of pocket may be the simplest and fastest route. If your damage is more extensive and costly, have the repair shop submit a quote to your insurance company.

Wheel Replacement Process
Unfortunately, sometimes curb rash causes such extensive damage — like a bent or cracked rim — that your only option is to replace it. The good news is that when you bring the vehicle in for that initial quote, the technician will likely be able to assess both the cosmetic and structural integrity of your wheel and axel, which are critical for safety. Once a technician has fully examined your vehicle, you can schedule your service and inquire with your body shop about rental vehicle options depending on your needs. Once your car is in the shop, it shouldn’t be long before your wheels look as good as new and you’re back on the road.

How to Save Money on Wheel Repair/Replacement
If your vehicle has any curb rash — whether it be a minor scuff or a major gouge — consider Key Collision Centers for your wheel repair. Our team of highly qualified technicians has expertise with the widest variety of makes and models, ensuring your repairs are done right the first time. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about curb rash repair or any other bodywork you might require.

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