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Why We Trust Mirka Dust-Free Sanding Systems

Key Collision Centers
MIRKA Dust Free

Key Collision Centers uses Mirka dust-free sanding systems for safe, efficient auto body repairs. Here’s a look at how the sanding process works and why we trust Mirka.

The Sanding Process

The sanding process is a crucial step in restoring a vehicle’s quality appearance. After an accident or a collision, vehicle parts may become blemished and paint may become chipped or scratched. As part of the auto body repair process, sanding uses specialized tools to remove paint and smooth body panels and components so that a vehicle can be repainted and reassembled.

Health & Safety

If you’ve ever used sandpaper or household sanding tools, you know that the process produces a lot of dust that, when inhaled, can negatively affect a person’s health. In an auto body repair shop, sanding paint and parts produces small dust particles that can irritate the skin, eyes and upper respiratory tract. In other words, the excessive dust produced during the essential sanding process is a serious health hazard for workers.

Mirka Sanding System

At Key Collision Centers, the health and safety of our employees is our number one priority. That’s why we rely on Mirka dust-free sanding systems that are 99.97% effective at removing even the smallest dust particles. The ergonomic power tools utilize an Abranet sanding net with thousands of holes and a dust extractor that prevents the particles from entering the air. Mirka’s tools reduce the overall dust load from sanding, which improves workers’ health and productivity.

Since all vehicles are repaired in a dust-free environment, the finished product is higher quality. Mirka systems eliminate the chances of dust entering cracks or settling throughout the inside or outside of the vehicle.

Mirka’s dust-free sanding system also:

  • Produces less noise
  • Achieves faster results
  • Creates a better, more stable surface quality
  • Requires less rework
  • Helps maintain a clean work environment

Our customers can rest assured that their vehicles are being repaired efficiently in a relatively dust-free environment, while current and future Key Collision employees can trust that we always have their health and safety in mind.

For more information about Mirka, visit their website or contact your local Key Collision center.

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