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Why We Utilize asTech® for Vehicle Diagnostics & Calibrations

Key Collision Centers

Key Collision Centers utilizes multiple asTech diagnostic and calibration solutions to ensure that they can repair all makes and models quickly and safely. Here is a breakdown of how these tools work together to give Key Collision such high-quality repair service.

asTech Tools at Key Collision

Key Collision is currently utilizing the following asTech products: Duo, Remote Diagnostic Device, adasThink, and the John Bean Tru-Point calibration system. When used together, these tools ensure that Key Collision accurately diagnoses the vehicle, writes accurate estimates, makes the proper repairs and properly calibrates the vehicle after repair. Here is a better breakdown of each step in the process and how these asTech tools contribute.

  • asTech Duo: Provides customers with a choice from one of two diagnostic scan types: a remote OEM scan that is supported by ASE and I-CAR certified technicians, or a local car side OEM-compatible scan. The solution also identifies relevant ADAS equipment and required calibrations based on the repair estimate, allowing shops to identify this important requirement at the beginning of the repair process. Key Collision uses Duo for all pre-scan diagnostics.
  • adasThink: Imports the estimate data and compares the OEM repair procedures against the lines of labor that they have on their estimates. Using the data in the estimate, adasThink identifies the calibrations and safety features or functions that need to be done on the vehicle to make sure it’s fixed properly. asTech also delivers key links to the necessary procedures and recordings to support the repair process. This information is sent to Key Collision within minutes of the vehicle being on the shop floor.
  • John Bean (a division of Snap-on) True-Point: When repairs are completed, the Tru-Point ADAS calibration system is supported by the asTech device to enable calibrations with 100% OEM tooling. Key’s car side technicians prep the vehicle and place the targets while asTech’s remote technicians operate the tooling. This ensures that all advanced driver assistance systems operate properly when the vehicle is fixed. After the calibrations are completed, shops use the asTech device to perform a final post repair scan to ensure the vehicle is safe before they deliver it to the customer.

Benefits of asTech Duo

There are a number of benefits that Key Collision gets by using asTech’s tools for diagnostics and calibrations, but the biggest selling point is:

Every OEM has a different standard for when calibrations are required, which can make it difficult for independent body shops to keep up with the varying requirements. But with asTech, Key Collision gets that information during the diagnostic process which helps speed up repair processes. And most importantly, each asTech tool can connect to whatever OEM tool they need and work with asTech certified technicians to help with the repair.

How asTech Tools Set Key Collision Apart

Unfortunately, most collision shops don’t own OEM tools and rely on aftermarket tools. And those tools can quickly become out of date or have coverage gap issues, meaning shops don’t have the proper tools to repair some vehicles. Because Key Collision uses asTech Duo and more, they have access to the OEM tool with the most up-to-date information available. This also ensures that repairs can happen directly at Key Collision, ensuring a faster turnaround time than many other repair shops.

Using asTech tools is also helping Key Collision get you back on the road more safely. Because Key Collision has access to OEM tools and the asTech calibration systems, they can:

  • Diagnose and identify all necessary repairs and;
  • Follow all manufacturer’s recommendations and ensure vehicles are repaired properly every time.

For more information about asTech, visit their website or contact your local Key Collision center.

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