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Why We Use AirPro for Vehicle Diagnostics & Calibration

Key Collision Centers

Key Collision utilizes multiple AirPro Diagnostics solutions to ensure that we can repair all makes and models quickly and safely. Here is a breakdown of how these tools work together to provide our customers with such high-quality repair service.

  • AirPro Scan Tool — AirPro has more than 120 brand specialists who remotely conduct quick and efficient pre- and post-scanning of every vehicle that comes into a Key Collision shop. These specialists are trained to work with specific makes and models.
  • Auggie — This state-of-the-art solution is designed for forward-facing camera ADAS calibrations. A remote wireless tool that can be used in any environment, Auggie has redesigned the way collision shops calibrate forward-facing cameras to the requirements of the vehicle manufacturer.
  • Radar kits — AirPro has equipped all Key Collision shops with a universal radar kit that calibrates blind spot modules and other types of frontal radar.

Benefits of AirPro Diagnostics

AirPro’s brand specialists are the heart of the company, providing full remote diagnostic scans of more than 30 different vehicle brands. These specialists are equipped with vehicle-specific software, knowledge and training, which means you will have a technician who knows your make and model inside and out.

AirPro Diagnostics is also proud to abide by a 10-Minute Response Pledge, which guarantees that a specialized technician will be working on your vehicle remotely within 10 minutes of requesting service. This is especially important to Key Collision’s process because it means we can begin writing a repair plan as soon as possible. The length of a complete scan usually takes anywhere from 15–30 minutes.

In addition, all Key Collision Centers have access to ORION, which is AirPro’s repair dashboard and cloud-based diagnostic management system. This provides access to scan requests and reports, invoices and a VIN decoder.

How AirPro Tools Set Key Collision Apart

Unfortunately, most collision shops don’t own OEM tools and rely on aftermarket tools. And those tools can quickly become out of date or have coverage gap issues, meaning shops don’t have the proper tools to repair some vehicles.

Because Key Collision uses innovative, remote software solutions from AirPro Diagnostics, we have access to the most up-to-date information available and brand specialists who have extensive knowledge with specific makes and models. This also ensures that repairs can happen directly at Key Collision, ensuring a faster turnaround time than many other repair shops.

Using AirPro tools also helps Key Collision get you back on the road quickly and safely. Because Key Collision has access to OEM repair procedures and software, along with the AirPro calibration systems, our specialists can:

  • Diagnose and identify all necessary repairs quickly and efficiently and;
  • Follow all manufacturer’s recommendations and ensure vehicles are repaired properly every time.

For more information about AirPro Diagnostics, visit their website or contact your local Key Collision center.

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